How Clean Is Your Drinking Water?

Turn on the tap. Fill up a glass. Drink. But do you have any idea what’s in the water that comes our of your tap? Old water pipes and pollution could mean you’re drinking water that’s far from healthy. In fact it could contain any of the following: virus,lead, chlorine, bacteria, parasites, micro plastics, fertilizers, and other potentially harmful sources.

Enjoy cleaner, safer and better tasting water everyday

Put tap water through the Aquibear RO water purifier, and you’ll get clean, safe, great tasting water every time. Using a 3-stage reverse osmosis (RO) filter system, Aquibear removes over 99.9% the nasties that could be lurking unseen in your tap water, such as chlorine, bacteria, micro plastics, heavy metals and other contaminants

SGS Testing Result


bacteria and virus removal


lead removal


Chlorine removal

Boiling Water In 3 Seconds

With Aquibear you can get instant boiling water in 3 seconds. Besides, as you might know, chlorine will ruin the taste of tea or coffee most and Aquibear can help you with a much more tasteful cup of tea/coffee by removing chlorine remained in the tap water. The Aquibear RO water purifier dose not only boil the water you need, but also make every cup of tea/coffee fresh and tasteful.

Cold And Great Tasting Water

World's first double-water-tank design. Compares to the traditional water purifiers, Aquibear has two water tanks: a tap water tank and a flexible purify water tank. The purified water tank is slim and detachable. It can be easily put into the refrigerator, even in a mini-fridge.


The best water purification system for home

Aquibear uses the best water purification system you can get for your home. Did you know that not all water filter systems remove all the contaminants from your water? The best way to ensure the purest water is to use reverse osmosis.

Element Causing DiseaseReverse Osmosis RO
DistillationActivated CarbonUltra-violetBoiling
Agricultural Chemicals
Taste & Odor

3-Stage RO Filtering System

Not all RO water filters are the same. Aquibuear's 3-stage RO filtering system is designed and manufactured by Hydranautics, one of the global leaders in membrane technology. The filtering system can rapidly and efficiently remove the chlorine, microplastics, lead, bacteria, virus, and heavy metals in tap water.

Instant Tasty Water At Home And On The Road

The compact size, zero installation, and 90-degree rotation design make Aquibear portable and can be placed almost anywhere. Whether you are at home, office, RV, camper, or hotel, Aquibear portable RO purifier makes your drinking water safe and tasty.

Media Reviews

Before Aquibear, I tried water pitchers with replaceable filters, such as Brita and ZeroWater. My new condo has an LG refrigerator with a filter built in. But none of these things were as good as Aquibear is so far. I know because I tested them.

My ZeroWater pitcher, with a new filter, gave me scores in the 135 range. The Brita pitcher, with a new filter, averaged about 154. My fridge, with a new filter, is about the same as the Brita. Aquibear was much better. Its scores have ranged from one to 94.

Instant Tasty Water Wherever You Are

Aquibear Portatble RO purifier makes your drinking water safe and tasty

Boiling Water In 3 Seconds

Only boil the water you need and make a tea/coffee in 3 seconds

Cold And Great-tasting Water

The flexible purify water tank allows you to put it in the freezer.

A Smart RO Water Purifier

Auto Self-cleaning when refilling the water tank or unused time overs 12 hours.

High Quality You Can Trust

Aquibuear's 3-stage RO filtering system is designed and manufactured by Hydranautics, one of the global leaders in membrane technology.

Just Plug In And Ready To Go

No installation needed,just plug in and that's it

Design For Contemporary Home

The modern look makes it can be placed in almost any corner of the house and looks great. 

Choose Aquibear To Save The Earth

Cut down on plastic bottle with an Aquibear RO water filter. Drink filtered water instead of bottled water, which is good for your health and for the earth.

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